A reflection on pharmacists’ advocacy in 2020

We hope that each of you are making the most of the season and are finding some comfort in what might be a very different holiday celebration. We here at The Grassroots Pharmacist didn’t anticipate writing an end of the year post, partly because so much of this had been played out and said elsewhere.Continue reading “A reflection on pharmacists’ advocacy in 2020”

The Gap with Implementing Pharmacist Policy – Guest Writer Matthew Westling

Recently, the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association published a secret shopper study describing counseling provided during the dispensing of naloxone at chain pharmacies in Texas. Although it may seem crazy that the average counseling time was only 89 seconds, what was more striking was that any formulation of naloxone was unavailable at almost one-thirdContinue reading “The Gap with Implementing Pharmacist Policy – Guest Writer Matthew Westling”