Your Pharmacy Advocacy Monthly Roundup – April 2021

Another month came and went (and definitely much faster than we realized!). We here at The Grassroots Pharmacist are working hard to make time move slower, but while we work on that, it’s time for another edition of our Monthly Roundup. April was a busy month for health policy, especially for pharmacy, with the introductionContinue reading “Your Pharmacy Advocacy Monthly Roundup – April 2021”

What Pharmacist Advocates Need to Know – March 2021

Another month has gone by, which means it’s time for an edition of the Monthly Roundup. This has been an incredibly busy month in health policy, and we have done our best to compile the highlights for you. From a new COVID-19 relief bill to the approval of a new vaccine, there is a lotContinue reading “What Pharmacist Advocates Need to Know – March 2021”