Board of Pharmacy Restricts Hydroxychloroquine, then Caves to Ohio Governor

We didn’t think it would be useful to cover the proven inefficacious use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine on this blog. By the time we had launched, studies had already begun to question speculations circulating on social media of its efficacy for the treatment of COVID-19. The American Medical Association, along with national pharmacy organizations, publishedContinue reading “Board of Pharmacy Restricts Hydroxychloroquine, then Caves to Ohio Governor”

Advocacy Advice: How to advocate through print media

As a result of a world where policies are constantly changing because of the pandemic, we at The Grassroots Pharmacist have been largely focused so far on providing updates on all of these changes. However, a key piece of our purpose is not only to provide educational content on the ties between health policy andContinue reading “Advocacy Advice: How to advocate through print media”

Why pharmacists need to count on the census

The census, the decennial count of our nation, is important for a variety of reasons. As a vehicle for how our democracy functions, the primary purpose of the census is to determine the number of congressional representatives each state has. The basis of our government is on balance between the three branches of government thatContinue reading “Why pharmacists need to count on the census”

Why pharmacists should care about access to COVID-19 data

Data is vitally important to members of the profession of pharmacy and is essential in how we develop evidence-based methodologies that guide how we care for patients. Ensuring veracity of data is important in giving us the right foundation to develop long-term strategies to improve patient outcomes. That’s why it was particularly concerning to seeContinue reading “Why pharmacists should care about access to COVID-19 data”

Advocacy Alert: How to ask for provider status inclusion in the next COVID-19 bill

The next COVID-19 legislative package In this “new normal” of the pandemic we have seen giant pieces of legislation being crafted and passing through Congress. These packages are being used for a variety of different issues in order to help the country respond to the pandemic. We saw the results of the CARES Act asContinue reading “Advocacy Alert: How to ask for provider status inclusion in the next COVID-19 bill”

Provider Status Explained: Understanding the how behind the federal legislative strategy

Provider status is essential to the future of the profession of pharmacy. We explained last week the reason why pharmacists need provider status now more than ever (if you missed it, check out the post here) and began to discuss some of the background around why this shift in the business model is so substantial.Continue reading “Provider Status Explained: Understanding the how behind the federal legislative strategy”

Provider Status Explained: Why do pharmacists need provider status?

Provider status has been such a focus of the pharmacy profession for decades. However, before we talk about how to advocate for provider status, it’s important to understand why something needs to change.  It’s all about that product My grandfather was a community pharmacist in the Cleveland, Ohio area for nearly 50 years. I rememberContinue reading “Provider Status Explained: Why do pharmacists need provider status?”

The Assault on LGBTQ+ Health Access

Estimates predict that 1.4 million adults in the United States identify as transgender. Today we unpack a recent rule proposal that could jeopardize these individuals’ access to healthcare and how the most accessible healthcare professional, the pharmacist, can advocate against this systemic discrimination. On Monday, June 15, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United StatesContinue reading “The Assault on LGBTQ+ Health Access”

Provider Status Explained: Series Introduction

Provider Status….These two words are thrown around everywhere in our profession.  We see them on signs, flyers, and billboards. We have said them to Members of Congress, State Legislators, and even presidents. They have consumed the focus of a large amount of our profession’s advocacy efforts for the last ten years. However, even with theContinue reading “Provider Status Explained: Series Introduction”

Reflections on Systemic Racism in America

Over the past week, we have been torn about how to respond to the death of George Floyd and the resulting demands for justice taking place across our country. The murder of another human being by police officers is a symptom of underlying disease that has been a part of this country since it’s founding:Continue reading “Reflections on Systemic Racism in America”