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Over the last decade, the United States healthcare system has undergone a significant transformation both in the way we deliver and pay for care. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, healthcare has dominated the political landscape. Election after election, healthcare consistently ranks as the top policy issue for American voters. As new bills are introduced at the state and national levels, we’ve seen healthcare stakeholders actively engage policy makers to ensure that their interests are represented. However, as pharmacists ourselves, we’ve noticed that our profession has been less involved with these changes often due to the lack of pharmacist engagement or an aversion to being seen as political. And when pharmacists are involved, we’ve seen a lot of misinformation around policy changes and the impact on the profession. We believe the profession of pharmacy has a significant role to play and needs to be part of an evidence-based patient centered conversation. That’s why we created The Grassroots Pharmacist. 

The Grassroots Pharmacist informs health policy stakeholders through high-value educational content focused on identifying the impact of pharmacy practice on overall healthcare. We want to inspire action among our readers to transform health policy and ensure patient access to quality, affordable healthcare.

E. Michael Murphy

E. Michael Murphy is currently serving as the Pharmacy Advancement Fellow at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. 

He is a part of a team working at the Ohio Pharmacists Association on the implementation of provider status legislation in Ohio. He has held several volunteer leadership positions where he served his peers and profession, including his term as the 2017-2018 American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) National President and member of the 2017-2018 APhA Board of Trustees.

In his free time he loves exploring local restaurants and craft breweries with friends and his wife, Robin Alden. Robin is a dairy farmer and has shared her passion with Michael for rural farming communities and caring for animals.

Lucy West

Lucy West is a heart failure and heart transplant clinical pharmacist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH. She is dedicated to developing innovative models to improve patient access to pharmacists services, building a culture of health that values health equity, and, ultimately, helping all people live longer, healthier lives. 

She has served in several volunteer leadership roles, including serving as the 2015-2016 APhA-ASP National President and member of the 2015-2016 APhA Board of Trustees, where she inspired young student pharmacists like Michael. She now serves on the Steering Committee for the APhA Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management Public Health Special Interest Group. 

In her free time, Lucy enjoys being active, including running and practicing yoga, exploring outside (when it’s not snowing in Cleveland), and participating in her local Book (Wine) Club.

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