Provider Status Explained: Series Introduction

Provider Status….These two words are thrown around everywhere in our profession.  We see them on signs, flyers, and billboards. We have said them to Members of Congress, State Legislators, and even presidents. They have consumed the focus of a large amount of our profession’s advocacy efforts for the last ten years. However, even with the frequency of the use of the term provider status, we have noticed key misunderstandings in what it means. How will it change the practice of pharmacy, and why it is essential to the future of the profession? To better everybody’s understanding and to answer some questions, we are going to be spending the next several weeks answering some of these key questions about provider status. 

We hope that these discussions will inform advocacy efforts you are participating in with legislators and members of the public.

So buckle up as we take a wild ride into the business model of pharmacy and why our best hope to fix it is the all too often used (but not always understood) phrase, provider status.

Coming soon…Provider Status Explained: Why do pharmacists need provider status?

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